Admission to the event is one $7.00 paddle purchase for each individual attending the event, regardless of whether you are going to bid or not.


If you wish to improve your odds of winning a prize, you may purchase up to two additional paddles for a maximum of three paddles.

One Paddle costs $7.00

Two Paddles cost $13.00

Three Paddles cost $17.00

Once you have your numbered paddle, a disc with a corresponding number to your paddle will be placed into the drawing bucket.

Before the Auction:

After purchasing your paddle number(s), go over to the display area, walk around to see all the items up for auction, so you will know what items you may want to bid on. The retail value of an item determines the number of quarters required per paddle to bid.

Food will be sold by the Venue. (Hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, chips, water, soda, popcorn, etc.)

When you take your seat, make sure there is a red bowl in front of you. This bowl is where you will put your bid money.

The Auction:

You will have a bowl on the table in front of you to place your bids. This is where you will drop your quarter(s) to put your paddle number(s) in play for the draw. Once you have decided to place a bid on an item and have placed the correct amount of quarters into the bowl, you must then raise your active numbered paddle(s). Volunteers will come around and collect the quarters from each table.

The MC will then draw a number out of a bowl at random. If that number matches the number on your paddle that is in play, you win that item. If the number drawn matches a paddle number that was not put in play, the MC will then draw another number until there’s a winner.

All the numbers which have been drawn for an item are then put back in the bowl by the MC. This means that every number can be drawn multiple times during the event.

This process continues throughout the auction until all the items have been won.

How to Bid:

The MC will announce the item up for bid, the retail value of the item and how many quarters it costs to bid on that item.

If You Have One Paddle:

If you are interested in bidding on this item, simply put the number of quarters announced into the bowl in front of you and hold up your numbered paddle. If that paddle’s number is called, you win! YAY!!  YELL OUT YOUR DOG BREED’S NAME. If you are not part of a rescue or you rescue all breeds, Yell out something dog related. Example: MFDM might yell out HOUND DOG, Moms and Mutts, might yell out Bitches or Mutts.

When you bid on an item, you must hold up your paddle for the MC to see the number. Continue to hold up your paddle until a winning number is called.

To keep the game moving at a fast pace, we ask you to do the following:

If you did NOT bid on an item and the MC calls YOUR paddle number, please yell “NO BID.”

Multiple Paddles to increase your chances of winning:          

By purchasing more than one paddle, you can bid on an item more than once, which increases your chance of winning that item.

To do this, you bid the number of quarters an item is being auctioned for, multiplied by how many paddles you want to raise.

REMEMBER: only the numbers on the paddles you placed bids on can be held up and are in play for that item. If you bought three paddles but only placed bids with two of them for the item, then you only hold up two paddles. If the number called out is for the paddle you are not holding up, you don’t win. YELL “NO BID” so the MC can draw another number.

Don’t worry, there will be a live demonstration of how the auction works.

After the Auction:

Make sure you collect any items you won if they weren’t not handed out during the auction itself.

If you have any quarters left over, consider putting them in the donation jar on your way out.  This money will be split evenly amongst the rescue organizations.

 Please, you must return the paddle(s) at the end of the auction.