Your Dog’s Face is all about the love of dogs — specifically your dog!  Like you, we understand the relationship of your dog to you and the loyalty you share.

We too are true animal lovers who favor dogs. In 2015, we lost four of our five Boston Terriers in a four-month period. This inspired us to create a memory of our dogs that lets us keep them forever close to our hearts.

Boston Terrier Family sitting on a couch
Our Boston Terrier Family (Matzah’s Clan) Matzah, Brooklyn, Abraham, Tank and Fenway.

Your Dog’s Face donates a percentage of every sale to help support non-profit entities including, MaxFund, Freedom Service Dogs, International Hearing Dogs, Bounce Animal Rescue and many foster based dog rescue and adoption groups in Colorado. We have volunteered more than 800 hours of our time to these organizations and have raised over $18,000 since 2017.

From one source, “putting on the dog” dates back to 1871 in a book by LH Bag called Four Years of Yale (Quinion). It means “to put on a flashy display, and to show off a lapdog” (Quinion). Dogs were considered accessories. Another source states the term was first used in the 1860’s. Queen Victoria was given lapdogs as gifts. Lapdogs were popular throughout England at the time and rich ladies wanted to show off their wealth by putting on a dog or wearing it in a sleeve (Baxter). Putting on the dog is to show off ones finest riches or to seem like one is high class (“Put on the Dog”).